Race Report! Ealing Eagles 10k

After weeks of silence (sorry about that, no reason really!) here comes a race report from my very own doorstep. The Ealing Eagles is one of our local running clubs, and have a big presence in all local runs and races. I don’t belong to a running club, as generally I prefer to run on my own, but if I did I’d think about the Eagles!

Start and finish right here!
March 2019

For the last few years they have organised a 10k race in the local park, officially the Brent Lodge Park, but aka the Bunny Park. This is the first year I have actually been able to take part. It was fun!

April 2018

I felt sorry for the organisers as the route had to be changed at the last minute – literally the day before – when a key bridge over the river Brent was closed due to structural problems! So we ran a rather convoluted route instead, up and down, and round and round. Most of the photos in this piece are from different times, but in the same places that we ran today. As it is so local I have run here many many times over the years, in all weathers too.

May 2017
August 2019

For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to eat more breakfast than usual, and then paid the price with a stitch and a tummy pain for most of the run. A good reminder though of the importance of planning before the event.

April 2020

Half way round I wondered why I was going so fast, especially when I had a pain in my tummy, was very thirsty and quite hot. Really, why was I?! It wasn’t as if I had to, nobody was making me do it. I think this is the definition of intrinsic motivation coming together with extrinsic motivation. I am competitive against myself, but also others – for example there is nothing quite like pushing yourself to get past that person who is going just a little slower than you. On a regular run I’d be quite happy at that pace but in a race – well, it would be silly not to just see if you could get past them, and stay past them!

August 2017

The route took us over some bumpy ground, and also through some quite long grass. Other hazards included muddy ditches and low hanging tree branches. I managed NOT to injure myself this time however. The final 500m was mainly up a hill, with only the last 50m across the playing field! Hard work!

January 2021
August 2017

And then the results came through – and I was second in my age category! 1:00:16! Yay! 😂 Not that I’m competitive really 😉.

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