Run and recover

It’s now two weeks since I ran a marathon around Rome, and I have recovered well. My legs, although so painful and sore when actually doing it, recovered very quickly. Two days later and I was almost back to normal. However my body had definitely had enough, and I got a sore throat and felt quite run down (see what I did there?!) for a week or so afterwards.

But since then I have done three runs, and they have all been fine. In fact I have felt so back to normal that last night I was wondering if it was too late to enter the London Landmarks half marathon which happened today! It was! Probably not such a bad thing really, but I’d really like to do it next year. (Postscript: I wrote this paragraph on Sunday…)

A few days ago I listened to an interesting podcast from Runners World, about how to keep running as you get older. It seems it’s not just about going out and running. The key messages seemed to be 1) sometimes run fast, or at least faster than is comfortable; 2) improve your balance; 3) lift some weights to keep your muscles strong.

Of those three there’s one I do sometimes – run faster. Occasionally I do this on my own, but I’ve found that I often lack the motivation and stickability to carry though an interval session by myself, so I am much better doing this with a group and a trainer. Luckily Quit the Gym run regular interval training sessions, and I will get back to this very soon.

Fabulous fritillaria at Kew

The second thing I do quite frequently is try and improve my balance. This has come about as the side benefit of a stretch and strengthening programme I’ve been doing for about 2 years. I started it because I was fed up with an almost constant pain in my right hip/ backside/ lower back. I’d spent a small fortune at the physiotherapist’s with no improvement. Quite by chance I found this website: Tom Morrison Simplistic Mobility Method and decided that for the cost of less than one physio session I had little to lose. What a great investment of £60 it has turned out to be. It was a shock to realise quite how lopsided I was in terms of balance and strength! But through regular practice over the last couple of years, and of course my sessions with Quit the Gym as well, I have reduced the pain, and improved my balance!

Sunday baking: a repeat of the pea flour chocolate cookies!

The third recommendation of lifting weights I have yet to start. Over the last few months I have been hearing and reading more and more about the importance of maintaining muscle mass as you get older, and how the only really effective way to do this is to lift some weights. Watch this space is all I will say at this point. I have to get my head round this one!

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