Running every day in January – NOT!

My January challenge was to run every day, even if it was a just a short run. I started off really well, and managed a run for the first 8 days. And then I got Covid. And then my husband got Covid. So I was in self isolation for a large part of January. That means that I could not go out at all for more than half the days of January. Luckily we are both fully recovered and back at work. And in spite of sitting on the sofa for a lot of that time, and eating a lot of chocolate biscuits, I seem to still fit in most of my clothes! Amazing! I am so thankful that I seem to have got away with relatively minor symptoms. And I am also very thankful that I will get my vaccine this week.

Snowdrops at Kew Gardens.

I did try and run as much as I could in the month, although I have been very careful not to overdo it, and take some walk breaks. I am definitely slower, but that could just be because I’m out of practice. I ran for 14 days and 84.5 km ( 52.5 miles) which isn’t bad I think, all things considering.

It rained a lot in January.

As February is a short month I am going to try and run every day for the 28 days. I think some runs will be very short, but that’s ok. I am just so grateful to be going out of the front door and down the road again!

Perivale Park

It is getting noticeably lighter in the evenings and mornings now, and spring flowers are just beginning to poke their heads above ground. My next door neighbour even has daffodils in flower! And snowdrops are blooming in my garden.

Osterley Park – one of the few days out I was allowed in January!

I hope everyone out there is well, and able to find joy and lightness of heart in the little things: a good gin and tonic, a squidgy brownie, a jay flying though the trees, or sploshing through an icy puddle(!).

3 thoughts on “Running every day in January – NOT!

  1. Hi Emily…
    Still reading your posts with interest.
    The lockdown must be wrecking the flow of your favourite hobby of interest-filled runs but your cooking tips may continue.
    Stay safe. I know W7 has been in the news.
    I have booked both my jabs on 5/2 and 24/4 in Ealing at the CP building.
    Best wishes.
    Mike T

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  2. Hi Emily-
    So glad you’re both recovered- and Hanwell in the news again! I must re-start the couch to 5K- you inspire me.
    Loads of Love

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