Bara brith and some sparkly windows!

I made this loaf of bara brith after a particularly tiresome day at work, when I just wanted something sweet and tasty and easy to make. Bara brith is Welsh for speckled bread and was traditionally a yeasted bread. This is a quick version with baking powder as the raising agent.

The recipe comes from the recipe book that accompanied the very first series of the Great British Bake Off in 2010. I bought a second hand copy recently and it is full of classic recipes like this. It’s not just sweet baking either, there are recipes for raised pies and savoury tarts.

Bara brith is very good sliced and spread with some butter, and maybe a nice chunk of English cheese. It was so good a couple of weeks ago that this morning I made another loaf. It has to be the quickest bake ever to mix up. The night before I soaked the fruit in hot black tea, and weighed out the flour. I also prepared the tin with baking parchment. In the morning it took literally 5 minutes to stir it up and get it in the oven.

Recipe for Welsh Bara Brith


250g mixed dried fruit

100g dark brown muscovado sugar

225ml strong hot tea (no milk!)

A good pinch of salt

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1 large egg, beaten

250g self raising flour (or plain with 3 level tsp baking powder)


Put the dried fruit and sugar in a large heatproof bowl and pour over the hot tea. Stir well. Cover the bowl with a clean dry tea towel and leave to soak for at least 6 hours, or overnight.

When ready to bake heat the oven to 160 deg C / 325deg F / Gas Mark 3. Add the salt, spices and beaten egg to the dried fruit mixture and stir well. Then add the flour and mix well. Transfer the mixture to the prepared tin and bake for about an hour until a skewer or cake tester comes out clean. Leave to stand on a wire rack for 15 minutes to firm up before turning out. Leave to cool completely before slicing.

My modifications! I used mixed spice instead of just cinnamon, and increased the amount to half a teaspoon. The second time around I used a mixture of flours: half white, quarter white rye and quarter spelt. The second loaf was even better than the first. I think this maybe because I soaked the fruit overnight rather than for just an hour or so the first time.

I think bara brith makes a very good substitute for Christmas cake – and it’s much easier to make!

And now for the Christmas sparkle! A local neighbourhood has organised a Christmas advent window display and around 200 households joined in. So one evening I went for a little run round what is known (by the estate agents!) as ‘Olde Hanwell’ and looked at the lights. I really need to go again as there will be more now!

This was so clever – the sleigh moved to and fro across the window!
This window was full of seasonal jokes!
The photo does not do justice to this really pretty display
And finally … this house never disappoints! A 5k run took a very long time – so many beautiful windows and gardens!

There seem to be a lot more lights everywhere this year. I think people have felt that we all need cheering up. I certainly had a lovely time looking at these beautiful window and garden displays. My next running plan is Christmas morning – a quick 5k perhaps round the park. And another evening run to see all the lights again at the weekend!

I hope your Christmas is happy as it can be, given the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

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