Cheesy courgette muffins

Sometimes it’s good to make a savoury muffin, but my actual intention yesterday was to make a sweet one. Googling recipes for courgette muffins I came across several for sweet muffins, but the cheesy version caught my eye. And I’m glad it did because it’s going to become a ‘go-to’ recipe I think.

The recipe is from Jo’s Kitchen Larder, and is very easy, and adaptable according to what you might have in the fridge, or what you might fancy.

Grated carrot, courgette and chopped spinach.

I had a courgette and a carrot to start me off. I didn’t have much ordinary cheddar, but I did have a couple of other kinds of cheese, including some Parmesan. I also thought I would mix and match the flour. And then I thought it would look nice with some green bits in, so I picked some kale and spinach from the garden, chopped it up and put that in too. I also added a pinch of chilli flakes.

Three types of cheese led to a super cheesy flavour!

It’s a very easy method, combining the flour with the grated cheese, and then the vegetables, before adding milk and an egg to mix it all to a fairly thick batter. The most arduous bit was squeezing the moisture out of the grated/ chopped vegetables. The finishing touch was adding a cherry tomato (also from the garden) to the top of each to imitate a cherry bun!

Three types of flour – I used about 50% white, 25% spelt and 25% rye.

The recipe says it’s important to let them cool completely before eating – and I can understand that. They felt quite soft when they were first out of the oven, but firmed up as they cooled. The final texture was moist squishiness, with a fabulous cheese flavour.

Cherry (tomato) buns

You could really change the flavours around with these – blue cheese, spring onions, extra carrot, maybe a bit of chopped pear for a touch of sweetness. Extra herbs would be nice – rosemary maybe, or sage. Anything really. They are nice as a little snack, or in a lunchbox. They would be good with soup, or a salad. My new favourite savoury baked snack!

12 yummy muffins aka cheesy cherry buns

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