The Longest Week Day Five

It’s starting to feel like the longest week now, and today was one of the longest days! That’s why this post is so late, and so short!

Early morning sun shining through the leaves.

It was a run before work today, as the temperatures were set to hit 30 degrees by lunchtime. The last couple of weeks I have been doing a hill run session on a Friday evening (I know, bonkers right?) but today even the most hardened runner – yes you David 😀 decided it was just TOO hot.

I did basically the same run as yesterday so nothing much new to report. It is noticeable that there are more people out doing personal training sessions, even that early in the morning, than there used to be. I think that’s great, although I wonder if they’ll still be there when it’s raining and cold!

More weird fungus on a different dead tree.

Only two more days of this challenge left, and then I intend to have a rest. By that time I will actually have done 8 days on the trot, as I did run last Sunday as well. The medal is already here, but I have resisted opening the package – not til Sunday!

These miniature sunflowers in my window box have taken weeks and weeks to get to this stage. To be honest they’re a bit underwhelming and next year I’ll do something different!

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