The Longest Week Day Four

This morning I was up very early – even before the alarm went off at 5.30. There was a reason for that which I’ll explain in a minute. Once again it was a beautiful morning in west London! I went off on another tried and tested 6km route, with a little extra loop round Pitshanger Park to get the distance up to 7km. I remembered that you can put in a target distance on the Garmin watch, so I put in 7km – and then you can see it count down the metres! It also tells you what your estimated finish time is, which is a good incentive for speeding up a bit to knock those seconds off :-D.

It was early

It’s funny how different the parks are, even though they are all within 2km of my house. Pitshanger is much more busy than the Bunny Park earlier in the morning. Today there were quite a few runners, cyclists and walkers. It also feels more like a suburban park, for local people. The tennis courts and bowling green are in central positions. The multiuse games area (MUGA) is well used.

The run felt good and it was nice to be out before it got too hot.

Weird fungus

Now this post is going to be short – it’s now almost 10.30pm and I’m exhausted. The reason I was up quite so early was sheer excitement – today both my lovely, gorgeous sons became Dads! And I became a grandmother twice over! Yes that’s right – both their wonderful, beautiful girlfriends had baby boys On The Same Day! SO EXCITING!

I love that oak tree

So that’s it from me for today! Have fun everyone!

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