The Longest Week Day Three

So this morning, barely 12 hours after the last run, I was out again! It was such a beautiful morning that I really didn’t mind my creaking ankles or aching feet. They loosened up quick enough anyway. I did a variation on Monday’s run, and got the timing just about right – 7km done 50m short of the front door.

Across the field at Warren Farm. The clouds were interesting – like a shelf across the sky.

There were only a few people out, mainly dog walkers. This is a change from just a few weeks ago when there were more people out very early walking and running. I’m guessing that some of those people have gone back to work. Or maybe people are feeling more confident about going out later in the day. Or perhaps they are just bored of running now! Whatever the reason it feels very peaceful at 6.15 am. And it was lovely and cool at that time too. Now it is much warmer, and temperatures are set to rise over the next few days I think.

View from the lock gate on the Hanwell Flight

Some may ask “what’s the point of running everyday?” And that is a good question. Generally speaking I don’t think it’s necessarily a great thing to do as a long term project because rest is important to restore muscle and bone. Overuse injuries are the most common reason for having to take time out from sport. Even athletes don’t train day after day – or at least not doing the same activity everyday, to give different muscle groups a break.

However I think short periods of daily running are ok, as long as the intensity isn’t too different from what you are used to. That is the main reason I have picked a fairly short target distance for each day. Over the week I am planning on a total not too far removed from what I have done recently.

I love the colour and structural shape of agapanthus.

Another reason to run every day for a week is that it’s something different to do! The last months have been a bit same-y in terms of running. Same routes, same distances, same old same old… That sounds a bit more woe is me than it should! Really it has been good, both mentally and physically, to have opportunities to get outside and exercise, run, walk, whatever, in green spaces right on the doorstep. But it is fun to mix it up a bit sometimes and do new things.

The viaduct in the background with a freight train going over – it went on forever!

Highlights this morning were: birdsong; cool temperatures; spotting the blackberry bushes that I will visit at the weekend to collect fruit; seeing another beautiful agapanthus in the Bunny Park!

Thank you for reading, and visit tomorrow for another update!

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