The Longest Week Day Two

Today the 7km thing went out of the window, because Tuesday is interval training day with Quit the Gym in Lammas Park, in Ealing. Because it’s intervals it’s a shorter distance. So I decided to make it a bit longer by running there and back.

Beautiful evening in Lammas Park, Ealing

The run there was a nice easy 2.89km, and then we did ten times 400m (fast) in the park, with a minute between each 400. Tough! And then I had to run home again!

The evidence! Garmin is back!

Usually I prefer to run in the morning but actually today it was good to run after a busy day at work. And the evening was beautiful, so lovely to be out in the park.

Lovely agapanthus in a street flowerbed

It’s a short and sweet post today because I have to get a good night’s sleep in before tomorrow’s run!

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