The Longest Week begins!

Today I began another virtual running challenge – this time with the wonderful Phoenix Running. This one is called The Longest Week or P7in7 (i.e. 7 runs in 7 days…). I like this one because it’s in real time. That’s to say everyone taking part is taking part this week, and sharing their stories and pictures on the Facebook group. It makes it feel like more of a real thing. It also helps me to feel that I’m part of a community of other runners, which is what I have been missing by not being able to take part in real runs! The great thing about this one is that it is flexible, so it suits everyone. Some participants have been very creative with their plans – basing each run round the number 7.

Here’s my race number – I have stuck it to the fridge!

There are runners planning 7.77 miles every day starting at 7am or 7pm. Runners planning alternate 7km with 7 miles each day. Runners planning totals of 77 miles/77km over the week. You get the picture!

Hydrangea highlights from this morning’s run

Other runners are planning even more complicated programmes based on the Fibonacci sequence, or perhaps huge mileage – half marathons every day – even marathons every day! As for me – well I am not that ambitious.

My plan is 7km a day. I never usually run every day, so just getting out there for a daily run will be quite challenging enough for my head and my legs. Recently I completed 5 x 10km runs in a week, so this is similar in terms of total mileage, but having no rest days. (I might even have to do 8km on one day to make it up to 50 overall!)

Today I was up early to run before work. I went out along a tried and tested 6km route, and then added bits of extra loopage in to make it up to 7km. I managed to judge that quite well, and completed 7km only a short walk away from my front door.

Rain on the canal

It was raining but not hard, and there were few people around at just after 6am. I got back just in time to see Rik Vercoe, course organiser, give his live pre-race talk on Facebook. I don’t think I was the only person who had already started!

Garmin was hacked! Panic! But I think it’s ok now…

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