Marbled chocolate-banana bread

In my life I have made a lot of banana bread/ banana cake/ banana muffins etc. I’ve tried many recipes, many tweaks, many additions and substitutions. This recipe by Smitten Kitchen has to rank up in the top three all time BEST banana cake/ bread recipes. Incredibly easy and seriously good. Moist and delicious with deep banana and chocolate flavours.

I read a recipe blog somewhere that described chocolate and banana as a strange taste combo – really??!!! To me chocolate and banana are an absolute classic combination of flavours, and this recipe maxes out both. Other places where this taste combo can be found include: Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream and Chocolate Bananas. The latter look a little less than appetising I have to say, and since Ben and Jerry’s got bought out by the giant Unilever it doesn’t taste quite the same… So – for a taste sensation, try this recipe – you will not be disappointed!

I did not really sub anything this time – except the chocolate chips. I didn’t have any actual baking chips but I did have 3/4 of a bar of good dark chocolate- so I cut that up into biggish chunks instead.

BIG chunks of chocolate – really worth the (minor) effort compared to opening a bag of chocolate chips.
Blobs of plain banana and chocolate mixture
Swirl the blobs together with a knife
Ready to serve!

Not only does this cake taste amazing it also looks great. And the marble effect is very easy to achieve too. It is really good on its own, or take it to the next level and serve slightly warm with vanilla ice cream.

Seriously delicious 😋

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