What’s going on?!

Recent events have somewhat taken over normal life for everyone around the world. I haven’t written anything for a few days because it has been hard to know what to write. Everyone I know has had a fair old whack of disappointing cancellations of all kinds of events. Last Saturday was supposed to be the busiest of the year so far for me. Then my 22km trail run in the Chilterns was cancelled. And then the concert that my choir has been preparing for months and months was cancelled. Suddenly I was not doing anything on Saturday.

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday here in the UK. I met up with one of my sons in a local park – keeping at least 2m away from him. We did a high intensity interval workout (HIIT) together for 30 minutes. It was fun! But also quite disconcerting to see so many people NOT following social distancing advice. So I’m not at all surprised to hear Boris Johnson announce this evening that from now on this will be more strictly enforced.

Jack in his cycle gear ready to cycle home after 30 minutes of HIIT.

For Sunday dinner I made a rhubarb crumble. I have a flourishing rhubarb plant in the garden, and I love rhubarb.

The crumble mix was approximately 100g flour and 75g oats, 100g butter rubbed in and about 3 tbsp sugar added, along with a tsp ground ginger. I sprinkled this over 4 sticks of rhubarb (quite chunky sticks) chopped up and put in a buttered dish. Then I baked it in a moderate oven (Mk 4) for about 40 minutes until the topping was brown and the rhubarb was cooked.

Rhubarb sprinkled with a bit of sugar – they are very tart!

Served up with hot custard! Delicious!

Mmm, yum

Plan for the next few weeks: more crumbles; more home workouts. I am so grateful to have a garden. I am also grateful to have a job in the NHS. It is a bit scary working in clinic still, but at the same time it is very humbling to be playing a small part in the whole global thing that is totally overtaking our lives right now.

Beautiful anemones taken at Kew Gardens just over a week ago, before they closed.

More plans: jigsaws, knitting, meditation and reading. And trying to keep in touch with friends and family who are social distancing, or actually unwell and having to quarantine. Also getting to grips with Zoom and having virtual social events instead of real ones! What plans do you have? Please keep safe, and only go out if you really have to!

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