Running tales from Ealing – Merry Christmas!

In the winter it’s much harder to get motivated to go out for runs in the week. I work full time and it’s dark in the morning, and dark in the evening. I am limited to running round the streets. While this is not my favourite terrain – it’s hard on my feet, and tripping on a paving stone is a real risk – there are some compensations. Coming up to Christmas the lights and decorations in people’s windows and gardens make running round Ealing after dark much more enjoyable.

This is definitely the house with the most impressive lights I’ve seen so far!
This was a very cute snowman – the message that scrolled round on his tummy was Merry Christmas!
This house had covered the trees in the front garden with lights.
I love stained glass and some of the houses in the more expensive bits of Ealing have really stunning stained glass doors and windows.
This house had huge snowflake lights in the tree
This is my favourite stained glass window in Ealing. Isn’t is beautiful?!

Have a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa if those are festivals you celebrate, or perhaps just a lovely celebration of friends and family.

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