Spitzbuben aka Linzer cookies (aka Jammy Dodgers)

My Christmas cookie baking continued last weekend with these classic Swiss/Austrian/German cookies. They are essentially a buttery shortbread type biscuit sandwiched together with raspberry jam. The recipe came from one of my baking magazines, but there’s a link here. The basic biscuit/cookie is a shortbread recipe, made by rubbing in the butter to the flour. I have also seen recipe where the fat was creamed with the sugar first. I think you could use any plain cookie recipe that you roll out, and just follow the principles of a sandwich biscuit. There are chocolate versions out there too, but I don’t think that they are very traditional!

The word Spitzbuben means little rascal or bratty little boy, and originally the top biscuits had 3 little holes that represented eyes and mouth and must be the origins of the the Jammy Dodger or Smily Face biscuit with a face.

Next time I would make these smaller. The recipe said it made 30 – my version made about 18. That was because my smallest cutter was not actually that small. There will be a next time because I have got myself some teeny cutters now!

The big version went down well at work though, and even more importantly with my chief taster Charlotte!

I think Charlotte likes them!

This has been a short write up because it’s taken me a week and I’ve just been so busy! Oh yes – Christmas is round the corner!

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