Race report – Ealing Half Marathon

As usual – a brilliant day at the Ealing half marathon, in spite of the rain. The forecast was for heavy rain but in fact the rain kept mainly away, just a shower at the start and a few drops during the morning. Personally I prefer running in cooler conditions so I didn’t mind at all.

The Ealing half marathon is run as a Community Interest Company, and aims to put back the surplus money into community projects that promote health and fitness. The first half marathon was in 2012 – the year of the London Olympics – what a great year that was! I think the huge community involvement is a major reason why this half marathon has such a good vibe feeling about it – hence the hashtag #ealingfeeling!

Up early even though it’s local, to eat breakfast two hours before the start. I had a bowl of cherry-chocolate overnight oats to fuel me for the ninth run of 2019. My lovely husband gave me a lift to Lammas Park where the race village and start was, even though he didn’t get home last night until 2am. The bag drop took seconds, and even the queues for the loos were quick. Everyone got into place under the chestnut trees to wait for the start. Being under the trees was good when there was a heavy shower just before the 9am start.

Waiting for the start
Running through Pitshanger Park

The time honestly flew by up to about mile 8. I don’t know if this was because I know the route, or because I was looking out for people I know along the way, or because it was just a lot of fun! Probably all of it! However it was tough from mile 8/9, as it always is. But the fantastic support from strangers and friends alike really does help you get through the hard bits. Shout out to everyone from Quit the Gym, especially Kath and Maria who have put us through our paces in interval sessions in Lammas Park for the past few months. Lots of the QtG people were running – but even more turned out to shout out encouragement. Also everyone from Questors Choir who came out to cheer us all on. And of course friends and neighbours, and my husband who took a great photo of me in action! The atmosphere all around the course was not in the least bit dampened by the weather, it was as noisy and upbeat as always!

Photo courtesy of Simon, my husband. The Hanwell ukelele band played on tirelessly on the corner under the yellow tent.

Although I didn’t finish quite under 2 hours in the end (2:00:00:9) I was more than happy with the time. It’s quite a hilly course, and it’s the NINTH half marathon this year folks! Only 3 more to go!

It’s my friend Michelle’s birthday today – happy birthday Michelle! So we went to the pub for a very tasty roast dinner, and some beer to celebrate.

Time for a few days of rest, to get ready for next weekend and October’s half marathon at Wimpole Park. I’m looking forward to this one, as it is all around the National Trust estate, which will be a contrast to today’s mainly road run.

Once again dear readers – thanks for reading, and thanks for your support. I am raising funds for JDRF via this link.

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