Banana bread – a classic

Back in February I wrote up a post about bananas and made some chocolate banana cupcakes. This time it’s more of a classic banana bread. We have a young person staying with us who bought some bananas quite a while ago – perhaps two weeks?! And it has been hot lately. Imagine those poor bananas waiting patiently to be added to a smoothie, sliced on a bowl of cereal or simply peeled and eaten as is… Today I looked at them sitting forlornly in the bowl, getting squishier and blacker by the hour and took pity on them. I didn’t take a photo because to be honest they really did look quite gruesome. Another day and they really would have to have gone in the bin. As it was I was quite judicious in which bits actually got used! But I don’t like wasting food, so as long it wasn’t actually bad those chunks got mashed (that didn’t take long – they were practically mashed already).

Squishy bananas

The classic banana bread recipe I used came from the reliable Felicity Cloake in the Guardian. The only tweak I made was the addition of a packet of milk chocolate chips, because chocolate goes so well with bananas and hey – why not? Usually I would use dark chocolate but Lidl didn’t have any today.

It’s a bit hot for baking really but I am looking forward to a slice of this squidgy banana goodness for dessert later with a scoop of ice cream.

A classic banana bread

Here’s a haiku to celebrate:

Black soft bananas

Dying slowly in the bowl

Brought alive in cake.

Update: still slightly warm banana bread with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is really a taste sensation!

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