Blueberry & rhubarb flapjack bars

Well, it’s two days since my run in the Chilterns and my legs are still complaining every time I come down the stairs. I honestly don’t think they were this stiff after the London marathon 3 years ago! Walking was more painful than cycling, which is good because I cycled about 10 miles today. I think I might try a very gentle 5 km run tomorrow and see how it goes. I absolutely do not want to end up injured so I won’t be going all out!

Rhubarb. It was almost dark when I picked it so not the best photo!

Today at work we had a staff meeting, and that calls for cake. One of my fundraising schemes is selling cake at staff meetings – today I raised £15. Thank you to all my colleagues. I made two different cakes today – both from Kellie Anderson’s wonderful blog Food to Glow. I seriously love this blog. So many delicious, intriguing, exciting and easy recipes! I made the carrot/marmalade cake I wrote about in January. And I made these fab blueberry and rhubarb cardamom crunch bars. They’re quite flapjack-y so I’ve taken the liberty of renaming them for here! Although you could easily make them vegan I actually used some butter in them. They were very easy, and I got to use some rhubarb from the garden too. I didn’t have any quinoa puffs or pecans so those got left out. It’s sometimes nice to leave something to try for next time anyway.

Blueberries and rhubarb – It’s a shame I can’t grow the blueberries too…

The marmalade cake is truly yummy, but it does have quite an ‘adult’ flavour I think. It’s certainly not your usual chocolate or vanilla ‘safe’ flavours. But the taste of the rhubarb and blueberry flapjack bars is more subtle, the rhubarb does not dominate at all, and sharpness is softened by the blueberry and the hint of cardamom.

Just look at that juicy layer of fruit tucked in the middle of the chewy, crunchy oats!

Both bakes went down very well at work. But I was nervous as to how my most important critic would rate them. My colleague’s daughter has a discerning palate when it comes to cake, and although the Spanish lemon almond cakes went down well I wasn’t sure how she would take to rhubarb… I needn’t have worried!

My chief taster – I think she likes it!

I am very happy! 🙂

One of the most satisfying things about cooking in general and baking in particular, is sharing the results with friends and family. I’m already thinking about what to bake next!

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