Trifle – it’s not just for Christmas!

(It’s not baking, but it is cake – sort of.)

Christmas 2018 Trifle

Trifle – noun:  1 – a thing of little value or importance. 2 – a cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly and cream. And that is your recipe! But what variation there can be in those few words. Although trifle is eaten at all times if the year it seems to have become a Christmas thing in England. Making a big bowl of trifle needs a few people to eat it, and last night we had a couple of friends over. Good excuse to make trifle.

Raspberry Lemon Trifle

Now the last trifle I made was at Christmas and I used this recipe from Waitrose. It was easy peasy, and tasted delicious. However the custard was quite sloppy, and it was all very rich due to the mascarpone. The combination of raspberry and lemon is a winner for me though, so yesterday’s version continued that theme.

In a glass bowl layer the following:

Sponge cake: lemon cake from Waitrose (shop bought!), spread thinly with lemon curd, and limoncello poured sprinkled (lavishly) over.

Fruit: frozen raspberries

Jelly: raspberry

Custard: Bird’s made with gold top milk for extra decadence

Cream: whipped, and decorated with dried raspberry powder and gold flakes

And that is the recipe.

I prefer raspberry trifle but there are many variations from a ‘classic’ sherry trifle (I have an issue with this recipe though – the custard should definitely be on top of the jelly…) to a tiramisu trifle. You can make individual trifles but personally I think it is more dramatic in one big bowl. If you don’t want to end up with left over trifle that you are ‘forced’ to eat for breakfast then maybe individual ones are better. Fancy a little treat without any effort? I can highly recommend the Milbona individual raspberry trifles (also available in strawberry) from Lidl. 89p for 3!  What’s your favourite trifle?

close up look at the structure of the trifle 🙂

Good thing I went to the outdoor gym class on Ealing Common this morning to burn off some of those calories!

I’m raising money for JDRF in 2019, running a half marathon every month. Next one is Sunday Feb 17th Richmond half marathon. You can help support the great work JDRF does via my VirginMoneyGiving site. Thank you!

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